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Soaring Eagle Hall of Fame

The SEHOF (Soaring Eagle Hall of Fame) Induction Ceremony is held on the same day as the ACR (All Class Reunion), which both occur every three years. 


From the first events in 2005, we have recognized many ZCHS alumni, faculty and administration of Zionsville Community Schools who have made exceptional achievements in their field or unique contributions to Zionsville schools, community, and society.


In addition we always salute and pay tribute to the thousands of Zionsville-Eagle/Union Township alumni who were or are currently active in the United States of America Armed Service. They serve our great nation in times of need. We at the Zionsville Alumni Association honor our veterans for their service and sacrifice they have made over two centuries now. 


The 2024 SEHOF Induction Ceremony will be on Saturday, July 27 from 2:00 to 3:30 PM at the Zionsville Community High School. 


Please see the next website page for Soaring Eagle Nomination Requirements.

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