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President's Message

Winter 2023/24


Dear ZAA Members, Alumni & Friends,


2023 has been an exciting year not only for the ZAA but ZCS.


In the spring, Dr. Scott Robison retired February 1, 2023 after sixteen years as ZCS superintendent (2006-2022). During his tenure Robison saw the ZCS enrollment grow from 3,000 to 8,000! 


Dr. Robison and the wonderful faculty and staff of ZCS steered through COVID in 2020-21 as someone once said, “with no instructions to steer by”. He also implemented one of the most important lessons in life with these three words, “Everyone Belongs Here”.


And lastly Dr. Robison did what many leaders do not completely fulfill but left ZCS in the more than capable hands of Dr. Rebecca Coffman. With more than two decades of dedicated service in the district, she has a passion for fostering excellence in education.

Starting her career as a middle school science teacher and coach in 2001, Coffman's deep-rooted connection to ZCS has grown through the years. From serving as assistant principal of Zionsville Middle School to becoming principal of Union Elementary School, her leadership journey has already impacted countless students and educators. Godspeed in your new role Becky!


This fall, ZCHS opened its doors to the vastly remodeled and expanded ZCHS campus that has to be seen to be believed. Our congratulations to an amazing facility to the 8,000+ students it accommodates.


On May 24, the ZAA dedicated an oak tree, a symbol of strength courage and knowledge to Dr. Robison at ZCHS. Also in May, we honored 2023 ZCHS grad Charlie Fisher with our $1,000 college scholarship and lifetime ZAA membership, addressed the 535, 2023 graduates at commencement in June and partnered with the ZYFL (Zionsville Youth Football League) with a busy and fun tailgate on Friday, Sept. 22 during Homecoming weekend.


Stay tuned all, as we ramp up our planning for our 2024 SEHOF and ACR!


Go Eagles!


Tim Ottinger

ZAA President

Tel:   310-614-0635

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