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Professional Photography Partners/Community Service Team

Meredith & Mary Amy Smith grew up in Zionsville, spent all but the 15 years they lived in Florida (1970-1985) in Zionsville and saw the many changes that took place in the town. Meredith was born March 4, 1913 and Mary Amy was born November 7, 1914. Both are currently deceased with Mary Amy's death on February 20, 2001 and Meredith's death was November 16, 2003. Meredith and Mary Amy spent their entire schooling in the Zionsville system. Meredith's mother, Bessie Smith, a first grade teacher, taught both of her children, Meredith & Donald, her daughter-in-law, Mary Amy, and all her grandchildren, Jerry, Jenny, Mary, Martha, and Marjorie. Meredith graduated in 1931 and Mary Amy graduated in 1932. Mary Amy's family owned the furniture store in town and her grandfather ran the funeral home. Meredith's mother raised her two boys by herself as a single mother, since his father died before Meredith was born. Meredith spent many of his high school days off working along side his uncle, Glen Ogborn, as he served Cokes and ice cream at the soda fountain counter at the corner drugstore on Main Street.

Upon completion of high school Meredith attended DePauw University in Greencastle, IN and belonged to Sigma Nu fraternity. Meredith had been interested in photography since he was about 12 or 13. He took this interest to the next level by attending Winona Lake School of Photography where he received his certificate. Mary Amy was a beautician after high school and a full time mother before becoming Meredith's partner with him in the photography studio.

Meredith and Mary Amy were business fixtures in Zionsville beginning the operation of their photography studio, Smith Studio, in 1948 until they migrated to Florida in 1970 after selling the business. Smith's Studio was in several different locations - on Main Street in the building where Marion Lowder had his insurance business, then to their home at 595 W. Ash St, and finally to 65 S. Main Street. The Studio became the official photography business for photos needed for the town of Zionsville. He took photos of momentous occasions such as the flood, the centennial, laying the bricks on Main Street, and the snow storm during sectionals. Many Zionsville residents fondly remember Meredith's photography artistry when they dust off their wedding albums. The business reached beyond the town into the Zionsville schools as well as the surrounding schools such as Carmel, Westfield, Pike, and others for their school picture days, senior photos, and proms. While Meredith was taking the photos, Mary Amy was taking care of all the orders, being sure someone's hair looked good, or just talking to the customers to get them less nervous about the upcoming photo session as well as getting the orders ready once the photos were completed. They truly had a partnership not only in business but for 65 years in marriage until Mary Amy passed away in 2001 after her battle with Alzheimer's disease.

Meredith was on several school committees, including the corporation formed to build the "new" gym. He was very active in the Zionsville Lions Club becoming President in 1944. Mary Amy's service was through Psi Iota Xi, Alpha Lambda Chapter and she served as President 1940-41. Both were members of the Zionsville United Methodist Church. Their tireless time spent on committees and helping build the new church was a way they could give back to the community they loved and serve those in need. When they returned from Florida in 1985 they seemed to pick up where they had left off fifteen years earlier by again becoming an active part of the church and other activities going on in town and at Zionsville Village Christian Parke (now Zionsville Meadows).

As their children, we feel great pride in their accomplishments during their lives in Zionsville. By Marjorie (Smith) Patton, class of 1965; Mary (Smith) Hamerin and Martha (Smith) Vail, both class of 1960; and Meredith (Jerry] Smith, class of 1955.