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Zionsville Alumni Association Soaring Eagle Hall of Fame Inductee Nominations Requested

Eligibility for possible inductee nomination to the Zionsville Alumni Association Soaring Eagle Hall of Fame, which was founded in July, 2005;  includes any graduate of Zionsville High School following ten years from time of graduation.  Also eligible are Zionsville school’s faculty, administration, and staff immediately upon their retirement from their position at Zionsville schools.

This induction ceremony currently coincides with Zionsville Alumni Association’s recurring All Class Reunion, Saturday, July 29, 2017; which has occurred every three years in July.  This year’s ZAA Soaring Eagle Presentation Ceremony will be on Saturday afternoon from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. at the Zionsville High School Auditorium, please enter the Main Entrance Door #1 facing Mulberry Street.

A minimum of five inductees, living and posthumously; will be selected with each induction by a special five member nominating committee made up of school alumni and community members.  Not every person nominated can be selected for the Hall of Fame.  Nominees who are not selected in one year may be nominated again.

Factual nominations will be accepted from the Hall of Fame committee members, as well as; Zionsville residents, faculty, students, graduates, and interested individuals.  All nominated biographical applications are to be delivered by email, mail or hand delivered to Ralph Stacy by May 31.  The candidates will be selected in June and will be notified with request to finalize their biography for the Zionsville Alumni Soaring Eagle Presentation Ceremony Program.

If you are interested in submitting a nomination, please include the following information
on 8 1/2 x 11 single spaced, Times New Roman–12 script; application along with two photographs.  One photograph must be a current picture along with high school graduation or while serving on school staff.

  • Name of nominee for Soaring Eagle Hall of Fame Award
  • Immediate family background
  • Year graduated
  • Current mailing address, phone and fax number, and email of nominee
  • Name of nominator and possible presenter at ceremony
  • Factual information explaining the reason for nomination or aspects for recognition:
  • public/community service.
  • business/career achievement.
  • academic, school administration, athletic related.
  • military, government, municipal service.
  • cultural/arts.
  • charitable philanthropy.
  • contributions to Zionsville schools/students.


“The Zionsville Community High School Alumni Association initiated this project to have a way to permanently honor and recognize our very talented graduates and staff!”

Please send to:

Hall of Fame Committee
Attn: Ralph W. Stacy
60 South Second Street
Zionsville, IN  46077
Phone:  317-873-3792


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Among aspects for recognition will include but not be limited to accomplishments involving:

  •    public/community service
  •    business/career achievement
  •    academic, school administration, athletic related
  •    military, government, municipal service
  •    cultural/arts
  •    charitable philanthropy
  •    contributions to Zionsville schools/students

Click here to nominate a Soaring Eagle Hall of Fame recipient.