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Hall of Fame Recipient Nomination

Eligibility for nomination to the ZSEHF includes any graduate of Zionsville High School following ten years from time of graduation.  Also eligible are Zionsville schools faculty, administration, and staff immediately upon their retirement from their position at Zionsville schools.

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A maximum of five inductees, living and posthumously, will be selected with each induction by a special 4 member committee made up of school alumni, and community members. This induction currently coincides with Zionsville Alumni Association’s recurring All Class Reunion which is presently taking place every three years in July.

Nominations will be accepted from the Hall of Fame committee members, as well as Zionsville residents, faculty, students, graduates, and interested individuals.

l.  The Hall of Fame Committee sends a letter to the local newspapers requesting nominations from the community.  Letters soliciting nominations are sent in early April with applications due May 31 with the candidates being selected in June.

2.  Copies of this newsletter are sent to the contact people who organize the various class reunions.

If you are interested in submitting a nomination please include the following information:

  • Name of nominee for Soaring Eagle Hall of Fame Award:
  • Year graduated:
  • Current mailing address, phone and fax number, and e-mail:
  • Factual information explaining the reason for nomination or aspects for recognition:
    •        public/community service
    •        business/career achievement
    •        academic, school administration, athletic related
    •        military, government, municipal service
    •        cultural/arts
    •        charitable philanthropy
    •        contributions to Zionsville schools/students

Please send to:

Hall of Fame Committee
Attn: Ralph W. Stacy

P.O. Box237
Zionsville, IN 46077

Not every person nominated can be selected for the Hall of Fame.  A nominating selection committee reviews the nominations and biographical data received on each of the nominees, and, based on the committee’s decisions, nominees are selected for induction.  The selection process takes hours and hours of reading, discussing and reviewing before final selections are made.  Nominees who are not selected in one year may be nominated again.